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With the onset of accountable care and payment reform, healthcare organizations now depend on cross-continuum analytics to expose greater opportunities for streamlined, optimized care. One of the first steps to laying the foundation of cross-continuum analytics is identifying your populations and stratifying risk.

Our webinar, Leveraging Data to Build a Successful Risk-based Strategy, which was delivered live in June 2015, gives keen insight into the use of credible performance analysis to help drive physician engagement across the enterprise. Attendees learned best practices for empowering physician leaders to drive change in behavior for improved clinical, financial and value-based outcomes.

Our presenters were Dr. Michael Udwin, executive director of Physician Engagement, and Jeb Dunkelberger, executive director of Corporate Partnerships.

Key takeaways from the webinar
  • Considerations based on the varying types of risk you face today (e.g., financial, physician, population, IT/analytics)
  • Industry trends and how others across the country are taking on risk
  • Best practices to laying the foundation for and building a successful risk-based strategy

Your success today depends in part on a strong partnership between health system leaders and the physicians who care for the populations you serve.

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