eVoucherRx: Patient Co-Pay Assistance Program for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Improve patient medication accessibility and adherence with RelayHealth’s prescription drug co-pay assistance program designed for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

As the trend to high-deductible health plans continues, patients are paying more for the care they receive. Physicians often hesitate to prescribe therapies that have high co-pays out of concern that their patients won’t be able to afford those medications. These concerns may limit the patient’s options for treatment and potentially have a negative impact on your pharmaceutical brand’s market share.


RelayHealth's eVoucherRx™ is a medication adherence program that makes drugs more affordable for patients by applying prescription assistance and co-pay savings to qualified prescription drugs. eVoucherRx improves the chances that prescriptions for your pharmaceutical drug brands get filled and taken appropriately.

Lower barriers to prescription drug accessibility and improve medical therapy outcomes

eVoucherRx automatically applies co-pay assistance when a patient presents their prescription at the pharmacy. The patient co-pay savings can also be presented directly in the physician EHR before the prescription is ordered. That means physicians can stop worrying about cost and simply prescribe the prescription therapy best suited to the patient’s needs. Patients benefit from lower out-of-pocket co-pays as well—both financially and through improved therapy outcomes.

eVoucherRx helps patients get the best therapies for their condition by letting you:

  • Increase patient awareness of available prescription drug co-pay savings
  • Reduce patient medication abandonment
  • Improve medication adherence to a prescribed therapy

Features of eVoucherRx:

  • “Paperless” solution using electronic co-pay savings at the point of drug dispense
  • Neutralization of co-pay disadvantages in real time
  • Easy implementation on the national and regional level
  • Flexibility, with variable prescription drug co-pay targets and patient benefits


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