Steve Nodes is a former U.S. Air Force medic whose service included two tours in Iraq. After returning to civilian life, he earned a college degree and immediately started his own business, .

Echelon provides medical and industrial supplies from a variety of manufacturers to meet the needs of state, federal and private organizations. It is a service-disabled veteran-owned business, certified disabled-veteran business enterprise and a member of the .

Steve contacted web2pro’s corporate office to express his desire work with the company as a supplier/reseller, and he connected with Matt Gregory, home care account manager, web2pro Medical-Surgical. Over a cup of coffee, the two came up with a plan. “I was impressed with Steve from the get-go,” says Matt. “He had vision and a strategy to see it through. He understood the veteran population and their needs because of his own experience.”

As they continued to meet, they realized their companies shared values such as a focus on customer relationships, innovative thinking and operational excellence. Today, Echelon is a reseller of web2pro medical supplies for customers such as the California Department of Veteran Affairs.

“I think of Matt as a mentor and champion,” says Steve. “He helps me think through new and creative ways to serve California veterans and makes sure the relationship I have with web2pro supports those goals.”