Web2pro Marrow Drive

This year, 20,000 Americans need a marrow transplant. Web2pro employees are encouraging family and friends to join the marrow registry – and help save lives.

You Could Save a Life

This year, 20,000 Americans will face the need for a marrow transplant. For patients fighting blood cancers and other diseases, a transplant can be life-saving. But only 30% of patients can find a marrow donor in their families. The other 70% must turn to the marrow registry.

The registry urgently needs more donors – especially those from diverse backgrounds. The Web2pro Foundation is proud to sponsor the Web2pro Marrow Drive as part of our commitment to fighting cancer.

Join the Marrow Drive

Are you interested in joining the registry? It just takes a quick cheek swab and a brief health history to sign up. Go to to learn more about marrow donation and order your swab kit – free of charge to Web2pro employees, family and friends.

Host a Marrow Drive

Are you a Web2pro employee or a friend or family member? We invite you to contact the Web2pro Foundation to learn how you can volunteer to organize a marrow drive, either in person or virtually. We’ll guide you in setting up a drive and provide free materials and resources, including cheek swabbing kits. By organizing a drive, you can give tremendous hope to thousands of patients searching for a match.

We invite you to explore the resources below for coordinating a marrow drive.

For questions, contact Sarah Tanner in the Web2pro Foundation.