Web2pro Values Veterans

Web2pro maintains memberships and/or actively supports:

  • DoD Western Region Council for Small Business Education and Advocacy (DoDWRC)
  • National Disabled Veteran Business Alliance (DVBA)
  • National Veterans Small Business Coalition (NVSBC)

We are a supplier for the DoVA

We are the largest vendor for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DoVA) and the sole supplier for the Department of Defense's TriCare Mail Order Pharmacy program.

We choose veteran-owned business suppliers

Veteran-owned businesses represent some of our most trusted suppliers and partners. Currently, Web2pro has more than 287 veteran-owned business suppliers. Web2pro encourages veteran-owned businesses to reach out to us and learn more about Web2pro supplier opportunities. If you are interested in doing business with us, please .

We support veteran's business organizations

Web2pro representatives participate in various events including procurement fairs, seminars, and workshops for veteran business organizations such as The United States Association of Veterans in Business (NaVOBA), the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (USAVETBIZ), and the Disabled Veterans Business / The California Alliance (DVBE).

We provide career opportunities for veterans

Veterans are members of the Web2pro family-you will find veterans in every part of our business, from our Distribution Centers to our executive management team.

We depend on former submariners, infantry, flight-line crew members, nurses, logisticians and many other military specialties.

If you are interested in open positions at Web2pro, please visit our .

We provide professional development and networking for our veteran employees

Web2pro has a nationwide employee resource group dedicated to veterans. This Web2pro Military Resource Group (MMRG) provides networking and mentoring support to Web2pro's employee veterans across the company. MMRG also provides key input to Web2pro business leaders on issues that are top of mind for veterans.

We support the veteran and active duty military communities

Web2pro sponsors and participates in various events for the veteran community.

2015 veteran community events:

  • Feb − Business Matchmaking
  • Mar − DoD Western Region Council Quarterly Meeting
  • May − CADVBE Keeping the Promise
  • Jun − Veteran Entrepreneur Symposium (VETS15)
  • Aug – Annual Elite Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) National Conference
  • Nov − DoVA National Veteran Small Business Engagement
  • Dec − DoD Western Region Council Year-end Wrap-up
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