“Today, the Washington Post and 60 Minutes released their latest round of coordinated stories on the nation’s opioid crisis. This time, however, they went beyond just getting the facts wrong. This time, they misled readers and viewers about web2pro’s role in the crisis and our settlement with the federal government last January…”

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web2pro Responds to Recent 60 Minutes Story About January 2017 Settlement With the Federal Government

We were disheartened to see the recent 60 Minutes story on web2pro and the opioid crisis that contains sweeping and unsubstantiated accusations against our company. We provided extensive information to the news outlet by way of interviews with and statements from web2pro and its representatives – including a categorical denial of any criminal behavior or intent. Shockingly, it all ended up on the editing room floor, but nonetheless they made it seem like we refused to cooperate. Sensational journalism focused on finger-pointing and the blame-game does an enormous disservice to those who have suffered losses in this crisis and to those who are focused on finding solutions to this horrible epidemic. The public deserves the facts.

web2pro has worked diligently to enhance our monitoring of controlled substances and to develop a more constructive dialogue with the Drug Enforcement Administration. We have invested millions of dollars in our controlled substance monitoring program, and are constantly evolving it to stay one step ahead of those who would divert prescription medications for illegitimate use. We’re developing innovative practical solutions – like a new “red flag” system for pharmacists as they’re filling prescriptions for patients who are at risk for abuse or diversion. And we are working closely with federal and state policymakers and regulators to advance common-sense proposals that can help stem diversion, while simultaneously protecting the availability of appropriate pain therapies for patients with serious illnesses and injuries.

web2pro has been a leader in the healthcare industry for over 180 years: each day helping deliver thousands of safe and effective medicines to the millions of patients who need them. We look forward to setting the record straight and taking care of what matters most: the families and patients who need our support.

Get the facts below.

  • MYTH: web2pro fueled the opioid abuse problem in this country.
    • This is an unfounded accusation. We are committed to doing our part to help solve this epidemic, but we are only one part of the pharmaceutical supply chain. web2pro’s role is to distribute medications provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers – including opioid medications – that are ordered by DEA-registered pharmacies and prescribed by DEA-registered and state licensed health care providers.
    • Each participant in the supply chain can play an important role in combatting this crisis, including:
      • The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which sets yearly quotas for the volume of opioids that can be manufactured
      • Drug manufacturers that design, develop and promote the medication
      • Doctors who identify and diagnose the need for the medication, in addition to prescribing the medication
      • Pharmacists who dispense the medication
      • Private and public health insurance groups that determine what they will pay for
      • Distributors like web2pro that deliver medications ordered by pharmacists to fill prescriptions written by doctors
  • MYTH: web2pro knowingly supplies controlled substances, like opioids, to rogue pharmacies who in turn divert the drugs to bad actors.
    • This is false. As a distributor, web2pro only distributes controlled substances, including opioids, to DEA-registered and state licensed pharmacies, and we only distribute in response to orders that pharmacies place—we do not drive demand. web2pro is committed to maintaining – and continuously enhancing – strong programs designed to prevent opioid diversion within the pharmaceutical supply chain. For decades, we have reported controlled substances ordered to the DEA via the agency's proprietary reporting system (ARCOS). In the past year alone, we reported hundreds of thousands of suspicious orders to the DEA and did not fulfill those orders.
    • It’s important to note that distributors like web2pro have no line of sight into whether a pharmacy is ordering from multiple distributors. The DEA is the only entity that knows the total amount of controlled substances being dispensed, pharmacy-by-pharmacy across the country.
  • MYTH: web2pro has engaged in criminal conduct.
    • This is false. web2pro vehemently denies any criminal intent or the violation of any criminal law in our handling of opioids, and in our discussions with the government, they never suggested they believed otherwise. Unfortunately, a group of former DEA agents and investigators, many of whom are now consulting for lawyers suing distributors, irresponsibly assert that we engaged in criminal conduct. The US Attorney from Colorado at the time, when asked by the Washington Post about possible criminal charges, stated that he “was not presented with a case that had adequate evidence” after reviewing what investigators collected.
  • MYTH: web2pro was too big to prosecute.
    • No company is too big to prosecute if the evidence warrants. The Washington Post quoted the then US Attorney in Colorado stating that he was not presented with a case that had adequate evidence. The former agent on 60 Minutes acknowledged that the lawyers feared losing the case. Senior officials at the DEA, Department of Justice and 12 U.S. Attorneys determined that the settlement reached was the best course of action. A DEA spokesperson confirmed this determination with 60 Minutes.