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Web2pro Specialty Health - Solutions for Rheumatology

Web2pro’s expertise and service offerings for community rheumatology practices are unmatched. Building on our foundation as the leading distributor of specialty drugs in the U.S., our broad array of practice management, consulting, and business building solutions can enhance patient care, improve practice operation and grow practice revenue. In addition to rheumatology, Web2pro’s range of specialty expertise includes neurology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and urology.

intraFUSION Comprehensive In-office Infusion Management

Focus on practicing medicine and leave the drug infusion management to us. From set up and expert oversight to reporting and payment, intraFUSION provides everything your practice needs to establish and manage a successful office-based infusion therapy center. intraFUSION is the largest and most experienced infusion management community partner to rheumatology practices, helping to enhance patient care, improve practice operations, and grow practice revenue.

Onmark GPO for Rheumatology
The Onmark Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is Web2pro Specialty Health's first-ever GPO for community-based rheumatology practices. Members in the Onmark GPO benefit from the ability to negotiate pricing on drugs and relevant services as a single large group, resulting in more purchasing power with pharmaceutical manufacturers and other suppliers. The Onmark GPO aggregates purchase volume of its members and conducts negotiations on their behalf - typically yielding results more beneficial than the members would be able to obtain on their own. In addition, the Onmark GPO delivers value to its members though ongoing educational programs and access to Web2pro Specialty Health's suite of technology and clinical tools. Joining the Onmark GPO is free and there is no purchasing or financial obligation to discontinue membership.

Lynx Mobile (PDF, 692 KB)
Lynx Mobile is the leading web-based, completely customizable inventory management, charge capture and reporting solution created specifically for specialty practices - empowering them to save money, time and improve patient care at virtually every point of the admixture workflow.

Lynx TotalView (PDF, 703 KB)
Lynx TotalView is a secure, web-based service designed to help practices better understand claims and remittance data, so they can ensure accurate reimbursements and streamline billing procedures.

Regimen Profiler (PDF, 579 KB)
Regimen Profiler is a web-based program that provides specialty practices with a comprehensive view of their expected cost and reimbursement for administering specific rheumatology regimens. The tool is easy to use, customizable, and leverages a practice's drug pricing from Web2pro along with payer-specific fee schedules to provide accurate forecasting reports.

Clinical Tools
Web2pro Specialty Health's suite of clinical tools can help community-based specialty practices succeed in today's quality-driven healthcare environment by providing the information and support they need at every stage of patient care - including treatment decisions, regimen selection, patient management, and therapy administration.

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