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RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions manages the nation’s most reliable pharmacy connectivity network, providing essential healthcare connectivity between more than 50,000+ U.S. retail pharmacies and key stakeholders across the healthcare value chain including physicians, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), government agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Processing more than 18+ billion pharmacy transactions annually, we play a key role in helping healthcare providers streamline operational efficiency, improve medication accessibility and adherence and deliver value-added, cost-effective clinical services that improve patient health and outcomes.

We invite you to explore our solutions below.


Improve patient care coordination and drive medication adherence at the point of prescribe.

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Improve prescription claim reimbursement accuracy, drive medication adherence, mitigate audit risks, and improve patient outcomes.

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Health Plans & PBMs

Improve member medication adherence, enhance quality measures, and gain control to customize your pharmacy benefit plan design.

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Drive new patient acquisition, promote medication adherence, enhance regulatory compliance, and expand medication accessibility.

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RxBenefit Clarity™
Providing physicians with patient, pharmacy and medication-specific pharmacy benefit coverage information in real-time during the prescribing process.


AWP Resubmission Services
Improve third-party pharmacy claims reimbursement accuracy with average wholesale price monitoring.

eVoucherRx™ for Pharmacies
Apply co-pay savings to patients' prescriptions at the point of dispensing.

Excluded Prescriber Monitoring Service
Real-time prescription claims monitoring for OIG excluded prescribers.

Pre and Post Editing Solutions
Provides actionable messages to pharmacy staff during claims processing for optimal reimbursement and improved productivity.

Prescriber Authority Service
Enables pharmacists to validate Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) prescriber authority at point of dispense for prescribing controlled substances.

RelayRx™ Audit Intervention Service
Protection from pharmacy claims audit triggers at the point of dispense.

RelayRx™ Claim Audit and Risk Evaluator (CARE)
Protecting community pharmacies from audit-triggering claims transactions within workflow.

RelayRx™ Continuity of Care for Pharmacies
Allows pharmacists to dispense patients' prescribed medication when there is a prior authorization reject.

RelayRx™ PriorAuthPlus
Streamlined process to help automate the prior authorization process for pharmacists and prescribers.

RelayRx™ Reimbursement Performance
Improve third-party pharmacy claims reimbursement accuracy with average wholesale price monitoring.

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)
Protect patients and improve pharmacy compliance to Federal REMS programs.

RxSafety Advisor™
Protect your patients from medication dispensing errors.

Health Plans & PBMs

Intervention MessagingRx™
Your health plan's direct connection into the pharmacy for customized care delivery.

Managed Care Optimizer™
Efficient and accurate medical claims processing with a predictable monthly expense.

Platform for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to have full control of their pharmacy benefit programs.


Denial Conversion
Increase patient accessibility to your pharmaceutical brand medications with prescription cost savings on rejected claims.

eVoucherRx™ for Manufacturers
Leading edge medication adherence program designed to improve patient medication adherence, accessibility and outcomes.

Real-time medication safety notifications to pharmacy staff.

RelayRx™ Continuity of Care for Manufacturers
Improve patient medication adherence to your pharmaceutical brands with coordinated care.

Protect your pharmaceutical brand co-pay savings cards and coupons from being applied to known government-funded prescriptions in real-time.