Opioid Task Force Recommendations

    Meaningful solutions require the partnership of doctors, pharmacists, distributors, manufacturers, payers, policymakers, and regulators. Web2pro recommends a practical and unique approach to improving prescribing practices and dispensing processes.

Web2pro’s Opioid Task Force & Policy Recommendations

In 2015, CEO John Hammergren asked for the creation of a task force of Web2pro experts, including clinicians, to study the opioid issue and its challenges. He believed our company should explore a variety of creative options, outside the confines of our role as a pharmaceutical distributor, to help identify solutions to the public health crisis.

In 2017, the opioid task force proactively developed our first opioid abuse policy paper, “Combating the Opioid Abuse Epidemic: A Shared Responsibility that Requires Innovative Solutions” (PDF, 354 KB), which includes policy recommendations to improve prescribing and dispensing practices to help curb the opioid epidemic and also highlights our efforts to promote a secure supply chain and educate and equip customers, physicians and pharmacists.

Our 2018 policy paper “Call to Action: Execute Solutions Today to Combat the Opioid Crisis” (PDF, 217 KB) continues to reinforce the need for public and private partnerships that:

  • Promote patient-centered solutions,
  • Foster clinical collaboration across the care continuum, and
  • Bolster leadership and accountability.

In this paper, we expand upon our 2017 policy recommendations, identify additional opportunities for appropriate intervention and describe approaches for comprehensive, integrated solutions to address the opioid epidemic across the healthcare ecosystem.

We are actively working with federal agencies, state legislators, and local community groups to advance these policy proposals. We strongly supported President Trump declaring the opioid crisis a ‘national emergency’ and provided the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis with a set of recommendations to consider for its final report. The company will continue to advocate for the policy ideas and solutions detailed above with federal, state and local legislators and regulators as part of the company’s efforts to help stem the opioid epidemic.

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