Patients know what’s good for their health. And executives know what’s good for their businesses. But in each case, unnecessary barriers stop patients and executives from taking the necessary steps to achieve each. To be successful, innovations in healthcare must remove those barriers and make it as easy to do the right thing for better patient health and business health.

Executives working in the Twin Cities healthcare market utilize innovations that remove barriers and make patients and organizations healthier. They’re making it easier for patients to access primary-care services. They’re making it easier for patients to adhere to their medication regimens. They’re making it easier for patients to receive healthcare services at home. And they’re making it easier for patients to comparison shop for healthcare services.

In turn, by improving the health of patients, the innovations also improve the business health of the organizations implementing them by retaining old business, generating new business and lowering operating costs.

Meet Thompson Aderinkomi, founder and CEO of ; Robert Narveson, president and CEO of ; Amy Nelson, founder and CEO of ; Rajiv Shah, M.D., founder and CEO of ; and Troy Simonson, CEO of .

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