To provide details on the 2016 CPT® changes, web2pro Business Performance Services (web2pro) has prepared this summary of new, deleted and revised codes for Anesthesia and Pain Management providers issued by the American Medical Association (AMA), ASA CROSSWALK®, and the ASA Relative Value Guide®. Any updated Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) not currently published will come at a later date when CMS has published those, if any, for 2016.

All individuals should understand the various code symbols that the AMA uses to denote code changes such as new codes, revised codes, deleted codes, resequenced codes, etc. You should look under Code Symbols of the Introduction section in the coding books for definitions and explanations of the various symbols.

Each year, the AMA publishes its new, revised and deleted CPT codes for that calendar year. This document will provide the necessary information for the reader to ensure the proper codes are assigned reflecting the 2016 updates. The document is not intended to be an extensive coding course on the new, revised, and deleted codes. Please refer to your 2016 CPT code book for further details.

View the complete  (PDF, 194 KB) for anesthesia and pain management.

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Mary Jo Gross, CPC, CANPC of Compliance – Anesthesia and Pain Management, web2pro Business Performance Services