Pre-operative diagnosis: Ganglion cyst right wrist

Gross Description:  The specimen labeled “ganglion cyst right wrist” is received in formalin and consists of a single pink gray cystic fibrous tissue measuring 0.9 x 0.6 x 0.5 cm. The specimen is bisected and submitted entirely in one cassette.

Final Microscopic Diagnosis: Right wrist ganglion cyst. 

Which procedure and diagnosis codes should be assigned for this scenario?

ICD-10 Code Gangloin Cyst

Ganglion cyst is defined to describe the anatomical location of the cyst and the laterality in ICD-10-CM. The code is broken down as follows:

  • M67.4 – is the primary description “ganglion cyst”
  • 5th digit “3” defines the anatomical location “wrist”
  • 6th digit “1” defines the laterality “right”

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