As the last chance to enjoy the summer season, Americans have come to celebrate Labor Day by being outside and enjoying activities that will soon be impractical. The three day weekend offers a great opportunity to step away from the office and simply unwind with family and friends. In honor of the holiday, we’ve collected a few ICD-10 codes that might be associated with these popular pastimes. 

How to use ICD-10 to code common Labor Day related injuries:

ICD-10 Labor Day Code - Stuck by football

With baseball season coming to a climax and the excitement of football just kicking-off, you can bet some intense pigskin will be thrown.  


 ICD-10 Labor Day Code - jumping or diving

While tempting, try not to pull out your swan dive at your neighborhood’s 6ft deep pool.


 ICD-10 Labor Day Code - burn

Labor Day weekend is a popular time to picnic and put your grill master skills to work, but make sure to bring some forks and tongs with you to the park.


 ICD-10 Labor Day Code - burn due to fire on canoe

Although the burgers might be taking longer than expected, keep the grilling on land. Bringing a portable grill with you on a wooden canoe will not end well.


 ICD-10 Labor Day Code - bitten by duck

While at the park, avoid from feeding the ducks. Eventually you’ll run out of food and they're not afraid to bite from the hand that fed them.


ICD-10 Labor Day Code - fireworks

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a holiday celebration without some fireworks. Just remember not too stand too close, or else you might be diagnosed with this ICD-10 code.

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