People today tend to think their doctors view them as just numbers or dominos to knock down. It’s not like it used to be when the doctor knew your name and knew your family. But with the call center, we help bring back that old-fashioned sense of the doctor’s office knowing who you are.

At a doctor’s office, their personnel is busy checking patients in and checking patients out. They’re speaking with the doctors. With us here in the call center, we can take the load off their shoulders and take on some of the responsibility of helping the patients. They’re able to focus on the patients who are inside the office and we focus on the patients who call in. We share the workload – we’re an extension of their practice; we’re just not there physically.

We treat the patient how the doctor would treat them. The doctors want their patients to be respected, taken care of in a timely manner, and to feel well cared for. That’s what web2pro is here for.

My mother and sister are in the medical field. I think it’s in our DNA and I was destined to work in healthcare. I used to see web2pro trucks and have a feeling that I’d like to work there one day. A former coworker told me that web2pro was hiring, I applied and the rest is history!

Now I’m a lead in my department. This is a career for me, and the atmosphere is fun and lively. We’re not coworkers but like a family. We care about each other. In the morning people walk in and say good morning and have smiles on our faces. We’re able to spread sunshine.

I get a lot of calls for a client who’s an obstetrics practice, and I was just talking to a young lady about her first pregnancy. Of course there are so many questions; she kept apologizing. I reiterated that no matter how many questions she has, I’m here to help her. I walked her through what comes next and what needs to be done so she felt calm and had the knowledge to move forward. It’s a very important time in her life and I know she wants to make sure everything goes smoothly.

In the healthcare call center, our services mean that we’re always willing to learn, listen and be empathetic. Some of the patients aren’t feeling well; they’re anxious, so we put ourselves in their shoes. Plus we have the web2pro Phone Script Manager, which helps us schedule appointments and procedures as if we’re in the office ourselves. The web2pro 4-Square Management Console also shows us how many calls are waiting and how long they’ve been waiting. Quality Controls give us feedback about areas of improvement and ways we can elevate our level of customer service.

Working here, it’s a great atmosphere. At the end of the day you’re not counting down the seconds until you can walk out. It’s about taking care of all of the patients before you leave. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.


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