Reduce Costs and Improve Margins with Medical Billing and Coding Services for Emergency Medicine Practices

The business of emergency medicine in healthcare is quickly changing as emergency medicine groups contend with increased regulatory requirements, decreased reimbursements and a more rigorous compliance enforcement environment. These factors along with the ongoing challenges of emergency room overcrowding and staff shortages make finding new ways to grow revenues, control costs and reduce risks more important than ever.

web2pro Business Performance Services provides the financial and medical billing expertise necessary to help emergency medicine physician practices increase cash flow, control costs and reduce compliance risks. All with the goal of helping them stay focused on their patients.

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Understand Your Revenue Cycle Like You Never Have Before

An industry leader in emergency physician billing, we offer a comprehensive set of revenue cycle management and technology solutions designed to help position emergency medicine physicians for the challenges ahead. In the simplest terms, we take responsibility for CPT/ICD-10 coding, electronic claims processing, accounts receivable management, patient customer service (via phone or Internet), and financial and clinical reporting.

Revenue Cycle Services for Emergency Medicine Practices

We’ve assembled one of the industry’s largest team of certified emergency medicine coders. They receive ongoing training and testing to ensure their skills stay current with the latest regulatory changes. Staying informed and keeping you informed are hallmarks of our service where every web2pro client is assigned a dedicated account manager experienced in emergency medicine practice management. Your account manager will meet with you regularly to assess your financial performance and discuss regulatory and reimbursement changes that affect your practice.

web2pro clients regularly receive detailed financial and physician productivity reports on key metrics such as chart capture, RVUs by physician, PQRS bonus calculations, accounts receivable and documentation feedback on every chart. As part of this review, we help analyze trends, isolate problems and evaluate them thoroughly, giving you critical insight into your practice's operations.

With our account view capabilities, resolving account issues will be a collaborative effort. Your revenue cycle and clinical teams can look into patient account records to research questions, facilitate requests for additional information, collaborate on recovering denials, reconcile cash drawer, post transactions and more.

Additionally, with our web-based chart reconciliation tool, your practice’s authorized personnel have real-time access to a chart's status including where it is, what information is missing and who’s responsible for moving it forward. The result is a streamlined workflow and more charts getting to the billers on time.

Improve Operations and Transition to Value-Based Care

In addition to revenue cycle services, web2pro provides emergency medicine practices with the strategies and support they need to determine the next step to take whether improving their operations, growing their practice or evaluating opportunities driven by value-based care.

web2pro Practice Management Services can help your group manage daily revenue cycle, financial, accounting and operational functions more effectively. In addition, we offer a range of services that encompass critical practice functions such as strategic planning, growth management, medical practice management, operations, clinical care coordination, physician onboarding and integration, provider network management and more.

web2pro Practice Consulting helps practices evaluate and negotiate managed care agreements, provides advice on financial, strategic and administrative aspects of payer agreements, and helps practices evaluate periodic organization and expansion opportunities.