Reduce Costs and Improve Margins with Medical Group Billing and Coding Services

Succeeding as an independent practice today – whether as a sole practitioner or a large, multi-specialty group – is more challenging than ever. As issues related to medical billing, coding, and compliance grow more complex, physicians are finding that they have less time to see patients and practice medicine. Additionally, issues related to healthcare reform have impacted practices in the form of reduced reimbursements, new payment models, and increased penalties related to the quality of care. To survive under value-based care, practices need to increase revenue cycle efficiency and improve the ways they deliver care to their patients.

At web2pro Business Performance Services, we offer a range of revenue cycle solutions designed to help streamline your practice’s operations and improve cash flow, allowing you to focus on what you do best: care for your patients.

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Understand Your Revenue Cycle Like You Never Have Before

web2pro bills for more than 30,000 providers annually across multiple specialties and processes 50+ million claims. An industry leader in revenue cycle services for medical groups, we deliver the revenue cycle management knowledge, resources and proven results that you need so you can focus on transforming your practice.

Revenue Cycle Services for Medical Groups

With years of experience navigating the complexities of coding and documentation, we can help you mitigate compliance risk, enhance charge capture and improve accuracy. In the area of denials and appeals management, we can help you develop and implement billing and collection improvement strategies that are designed to minimize accounts receivable days, reduce denials and optimize collection results.

We can help decrease bad debt and improve revenue performance by improving claims processing and pursuing collections to help you receive all reimbursement you are contractually owed. Additional reporting and analytics tools can provide you with essential and timely detailed medical billing and accounts receivable data, so you can monitor business patterns, optimize operations and make informed decisions more effectively.

Helping Medical Groups Improve Operations and Transition to Value-Based Care

For medical groups that treat patients with one or more chronic conditions, improving patient care in between office visits without taking on additional costs is critical. With web2pro Chronic Care Management Services ™, we can help you improve patient engagement and quality of care while getting paid for the new CMS program under CPT® code 99490. Our services will help you meet CMS' billing requirements and capture revenue that might have otherwise been missed - all with no upfront costs.

web2pro Practice Management Services can help your group manage daily revenue cycle, financial, accounting and operational functions more effectively. In addition, we offer a range of services that encompass critical practice functions such as strategic planning, growth management, medical practice management, operations, clinical care coordination, physician onboarding and integration, provider network management and more.

web2pro Practice Consulting helps your group evaluate and negotiate managed care agreements, provides advice on financial, strategic and administrative aspects of payer agreements, and helps you evaluate periodic organization and expansion opportunities.