Comprehensive Solutions to Support Your Hospital Billing System Conversion

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If your health system is investing time and money into a new patient accounting or claims management system, you will want to recognize the benefits of your investment quickly. However, the benefits you may expect to gain from the new system can be significantly delayed by the initial disruptions to operations, collections processes and cash flow.

Clearly, there is nothing easy or automatic about winding down an old accounts receivables system and getting up to speed on a new one. But with the right expertise, you can make it as efficient and productive as it can be.

Expedite the Return on Your New System Investment

web2pro Business Performance Services can help minimize these disruptions during the transition with technical and procedural insights to keep your billing operations flowing smoothly. We work through your existing accounts receivables balances while your staff focuses on the new system’s implementation and training.

Our comprehensive support will help you recover balances prior to system conversion, as well as post conversion, capturing revenue that is commonly lost during times of significant change.

web2pro works with hospitals and health systems during the transformation to help optimize reimbursement, achieve cost efficiencies and mitigate risk - all while leveraging existing revenue cycle technology.

Sustain Financial Health

web2pro helps your organization sustain and improve its financial health during a system conversion.

  • Improve Cash Flow: web2pro can help your organization maintain or exceed cash levels to avoid a spike in AR days.
  • Optimize Revenue Management: web2pro can help your organization reduce AR days and bad debt, and maintain clean AR on the new system.
  • Focus Staff during the Transition: By outsourcing your receivables during a system conversion, you can provide your management and staff time to focus on system issues, training and go-live dates.
  • Reduce Costs: Help your staff reduce the time spent working between the old system and the new system as well as the time and cost to maintain the old system.

Healthcare Accounts Receivables Liquidation Strategies for Success

Our trusted advisors offer a tested, proven step-by-step process to protect your accounts receivables when migrating to new billing software. While you focus on the new system, we work down the old AR and help you preserve the cash flow for your organization. web2pro Business Performance Services offers your organization:

  • A focused methodology to handle all segments of the accounts receivables
  • A system agnostic approach due to experience processing on most major systems
  • A seamless extension of your Patient Financial Services team
  • Shared risk, compliance, quality assurance and aligned incentives
  • Optimized patient experience and positive community relations
  • Biweekly and monthly management reports and feedback provided throughout project for full transparency
  • Consistent returns

web2pro Makes the Difference

web2pro Business Performance Services helps your organization accelerate knowledge transfer and sustain financial health during a system conversion. As a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management, web2pro offers highly effective practices in accounts receivable processing and resolutions. We can examine your current AR workflow and pinpoint inefficiencies or missed opportunities to collect. We help you increase collections at every possible step.

  • Successfully provided revenue cycle services to hospitals and physicians for more than 40 years
  • Extensive experience with legacy receivables liquidation projects for both professional and hospital billing
  • Implemented our own “Gold Standard” compliance program that meets and exceeds the Office of Inspector General requirements