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Self-Pay Collections Require the Right Combination of Processes, Technology and Patient Advocacy

The growth of high-deductible health plans over the last several years has increased the primary payment responsibility for patients. The impact of having patients own larger portions of their healthcare bills is one more burden for hospitals already struggling to reduce costs and increase revenue.

It’s not an unfamiliar story: When patients can’t pay, your accounts receivable (AR) go up, cash flow slows down, bad debt mounts and revenue shortfalls are almost inevitable.

Optimize Collections and Shorten Collection Cycles

At web2pro Business Performance Services, we’ve established the right combination of processes, technology and patient advocacy to help optimize collections and shorten collection cycles on patient balances. Acting as your extended business office, we help you reduce self-pay receivables, increase cash flow, reduce bad debt and optimize financial performance.

We also offer services to help you get paid before service is provided. Addressing self-pay collections up front not only helps reduce AR days by collecting payment faster, it also helps prevent bigger, more serious revenue cycle problems that could threaten your hospital’s long-term growth and success. 

Your Patients’ Advocate, Your Organization’s Answer

In the world of self-pay collections, healthcare-experienced customer service skills are critical, and we treat your patients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

  • Patient-focused approach to soliciting payment
    Our patient-centered communication process helps patients understand their medical costs. This information is then incorporated into internal workflows to help perfect the timing and focus of patient communication. We can also offer patients innovative payment options, such as text-to-pay, to incent patients to make payments.
  • Improving self-pay collections can improve your patients’ experience
    By improving patients’ call to answer times and having patient questions handled via consistent scripts and processes, web2pro helps your health system improve patient experience and brand reputation. Our ability to answer questions and counsel patients on their payment options helps increase their likelihood to pay.
  • Dedicated self-pay staff with advanced technology, without increasing your overhead costs
    Our certified staff uses predictive dialers and automatic call tracking and recording (where available by state law) to follow up on self-pay obligations early, efficiently and effectively. Our multi-lingual staff takes the burden off your organization and helps field patient inquiries to minimize complaints.
  • Customer service best practices
    Our team brings the highest quality telephone outreach practices and inbound call handling to your patients to help them satisfy their financial obligations to your organization. We work with you to customize phone scripts specific to your organization to communicate with your patients to help them resolve any outstanding financial matter (i.e., payment plan, secondary insurance, charity program, etc.) during potentially serious times in their lives.

40+ Years of Revenue Cycle Management Excellence

web2pro Business Performance Services has decades of experience in providing medical billing and coding services that can help you improve your self-pay account collections.

  • Self-Pay account stratification and follow through
    We implement powerful workflow technology to facilitate exception-based handling and get the right accounts to a representative for handling at the right time.
  • AR best practices
    As a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management, we offer highly effective practices in accounts receivable (AR) processing and resolutions. We can examine your current AR workflow and pinpoint inefficiencies or missed opportunities to collect. We help you increase collections at every possible step.
  • Reporting
    Reports are customized to your needs to provide insights and opportunities to positively affect business, and often include self-pay account volume and activity, root-cause analytics and feedback, industry benchmark comparisons, and actionable steps for productivity and process improvement

High Quality Approach to Self-Pay Account Management

web2pro invests in its team members on your behalf, reducing your overhead costs for staff training and compliance programs.

  • Compliance adherence
    web2pro has implemented our own “Gold Standard” compliance program that meets and exceeds the Office of Inspector General requirements. We have a dedicated team focused on handling your business’ and your patients’ documentation/information securely and accurately. Routine training is required and made available for all employees.
  • Staff training
    Providing a higher level of service to your organization requires an educated and motivated staff. We are committed to fostering a supportive and positive work environment that encourages professional growth. This commitment is honored through our investment in training and development programs for our employees, which in turn improves our business performance so our clients gain exponentially in service excellence and superior financial results.