Content from CMS and others is converted into our easy-to-use Q&A format. Policies that are in disparate sources or are cumbersome to navigate are streamlined and structured. Content powered by InterQual can be incorporated seamlessly into your existing workflow via InterQual technology solutions.

Medicare Procedures powered by InterQual
  • Converts hundreds of Medicare National and Local Coverage Determinations into a structured interactive tool to help reduce review times, support review consistency, and streamline the prior-auth process for Medicare patients undergoing inpatient or outpatient surgical procedures.
  • Uses InterQual's expertise in developing clinical rules and criteria, these CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) policies leverage InterQual's easy-to-use, actionable, Q&A format.
Third party content
  • InterQual works with a variety of organizations to convert their content into our structured, actionable format.
  • Providing a single source for content helps minimize the need to use and update multiple systems and supports the consistent and efficient application of medical policies.