web2pro Reimbursement Manager provides the flexibility, intelligence, and transparency needed to unleash fast, effective, and efficient payment model innovation. It helps create and manage a range of payment methods and automates the claims adjudication process for any arrangement. You can apply enriched business logic to build new payment methods, implement them quickly, and configure a pricing component library. The solution helps increase payment accuracy and transparency while eliminating costly, one-off claims system customizations.

web2pro Reimbursement Manager helps:

  • Innovate for your business needs. Get the flexibility to create and configure their own payment methodologies as fast as they need to, out of the box, based on how they do business. Configure pricing components, such as fee schedules, rate parameters, and other diverse data elements, using business logic relevant to health care payment methodologies.
  • Streamline pricing with intelligence. Automate the entire reimbursement life cycle regardless of complexity web2pro Reimbursement Manager leapfrogs the simple calculator model of traditional pricers by helping you determine the contract amount based on multiple data points and variables, including claim and non-claim related data elements, products and programs, as well as service lines and groups.
  • Increase speed to market with integration and automation. Eliminate the need for costly development and customization of code claims systems. Use standard and configurable pricing components integrated with your claims system to launch new reimbursement initiatives quickly.
  • Increase pricing transparency. Get a crystal clear look at how a price was calculated. Use this information to answer provider questions and ensure claims are being paid correctly during auditing. Reimbursement Manager provides the access and control you need to compete more effectively in an increasingly value-based world.
  • Automate the whole reimbursement lifecycle. web2pro Reimbursement Manager is easily integrated with ClaimsXten™ and web2pro Provider Gateway™. When combined, these solutions help automate the whole reimbursement lifecycle, and reduce complexity and support the alignment of provider and contract-specific payment arrangements.