web2pro Analytics Explorer™: High-Speed Health Data Visualization

Move Beyond Statistics and Reporting

Most business intelligence solutions tend to focus on reporting. They are built to deliver data in static reports to answer pre-determined questions. The IT-dependent, time consuming nature of this approach can't provide real time insights or support organizational agility. These reporting systems rely on already overburdened IT staffs in order to simply:

  • Create new reports
  • Add new data sources
  • Help users ask and answer follow-up questions

Statistical programming packages fall on the other end of the spectrum. They allow for deep mining into data stores, applying predictive analytics, and forecasting. However, significant IT resources and PhD-level experience in statistics are required to define and manage reports from these systems. Typical business users don't have the time or experience to leverage the full power of these highly sophisticated systems.

There's a better way.

web2pro Analytics Explorer™ uses health data visualization to enable users to drill up, down, and across data—free of the dimensional constraints and IT dependence that traditional approaches require. It lets users apply "deep analytics" and instantly ask new questions as they arise.

What Can Health Data Visualization Do for You?

web2pro Analytics Explorer™ delivers unrivaled value by helping your organization turn insight into action—faster. A focus on speed, discovery, and user empowerment is balanced with IT control and enterprise-wide applicability. web2pro Analytics Explorer™ makes health data visualization a possibility for hospitals and healthcare networks of all sizes with:

  • Universal Adaptability
    Leverage a single analytics and data discovery platform to empower anyone, anywhere to make insightful decisions using health data visualization
  • Visibility into the Unknown
    Discover unexpected insights hidden in big data and real-time events to immediately identify strategic business opportunities and threats
  • Self-service Discovery
    Freely explore data at any level of detail, radically accelerating decision making, while dramatically reducing dependence on IT
  • Fastest to Actionable Insight
    Instantly turn insight into action by enabling anyone to rapidly discover hidden insights and quickly collaborate in context

Health Data Visualization Like No Other

web2pro Analytics Explorer™ is the leading healthcare data analytics and discovery platform because it uniquely allows for:

  • Dimension-free Data Exploration
    Users can interactively visualize data without requiring predefined dimensions or constraints. An in-memory data engine and data on demand capability let users dynamically filter and drill down to micro-level details
  • Data Mash Up
    Quickly combine disparate data sources without custom scripting and dynamically insert tables, rows, and columns into a single visual analysis—without IT support. Mash up or swap enormous data sets to uncover insights masked by poor data aggregation or silos
  • Predictive and Event-driven Insights
    Anticipate opportunities and risks by integrating predictive models and real-time event streams to move beyond the limitations of historical data analysis. With pre-packaged predictive analytic capabilities, organizations can easily leverage open-source and third-party statistical tools and integrate data at rest with data in motion
  • Contextual Collaboration
    Instantly capture and securely share moments of insight across internal and external teams to drive collaborative decisions. Publish insights through collaborative bookmarks, guided analytic apps, corporate portals, and social platforms to provide visually compelling context to accelerate the decision making process
  • Enterprise-class Deployment
    web2pro Analytics Explorer is mission-reliable with unmatched performance and scalability, reinforced by 24/7 customer service and global domain expertise. In-memory architecture scales to meet the most demanding enterprise needs, easily extends to existing IT systems, and supports role-based and row-level security models

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