With increasing access to information, cancer patients are collaborating more actively with their care teams and now have greater influence regarding their treatment options.

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My Care Plus

The My Care Plus portal enables cancer patients and caregivers to stay connected to their healthcare teams and current with their latest healthcare updates. Additionally, patients using the My Care Plus portal can access detailed information from iKnowMed, our award-winning oncology EHR system. All communications with cancer patients and caregivers are compliant with applicable HIPAA privacy and state privacy requirements.

Patient Education & Brand Visibility

Through the My Care Plus patient portal, pharmaceutical manufacturers can reach more than 420,000 patients and nearly 3,500 caregivers. This rapidly growing community of cancer patients and caregivers enables manufacturers to provide targeted information to specific patient groups. Outreach campaigns can include information about their brand or any relevant topic such as clinical trial availability, treatment adherence, side-effect management and support program strategies.

Patient Surveys & Cancer Treatment

As cancer patients become more involved in their care and treatment decisions, gaining insight on their perceptions and experiences is increasingly critical to patient engagement strategy.

My Care Plus contains rich information on disease diagnosis, staging, treatment, psychosocial support and healthy living. These resources, coupled with other high-value features such as secure messaging, help make the portal a go-to resource for cancer patients. Thus, the oncology patient portal connects pharmaceutical manufacturers with highly engaged patients who can provide invaluable, first-person survey and anecdotal insights.