Improve Patient Medication Adherence With Behavioral Coaching

Drug manufacturers can improve medication adherence and patient health outcomes with expert behavioral coaching.


Brands benefit from supporting patients throughout their therapeutic journey, helping to overcome multi-faceted barriers to adherence, whether these barriers are financial, operational, clinical or behavioral. Behavioral coaching builds relationships with patients to delve deeper into behavioral barriers, which can often be complicated, deep-rooted and difficult to ascertain.

Proven behavioral coaching techniques that address medication adherence

Behavioral coaching encourages a two-way, patient-led conversation to uncover barriers to adherence, express empathy and offer personal support to maximize adherence. Results demonstrate that frequent, personalized interactions with patients create opportunities to reinforce messages about adherence and allow patients to take an active role in managing their own health care. By using behavioral-based techniques, trained agents can help deliver meaningful conversations with patients.

Using proven health behavior-change tools and techniques, we can build programs that align personalized messaging with tools such co-pay utilization. This approach works by:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of patient conversations
  • Setting appropriate product expectations
  • Connecting patients with tools and resources depending on an identified need

Proof that coaching drives adherence

  • In a recent study, behavioral coaching via phone support significantly increased adherence
  • Results demonstrated that patients who were coached were 25% more adherent to therapy vs. control during a nine-month study
  • This 25% increase in adherence translated to an increased length of time on therapy of nearly 31 days (Symphony Health Analytics, 2016)
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