Financial Performance for Alternate Site Pharmacies

Whether your pharmacy's focus is long-term care, skilled nursing, home infusion, mail order or specialty pharmacy, your pharmacy's business objective is the same: maximize financial performance. Our business services solutions for alternate site pharmacies like yours can give you the power to meet and exceed objectives by reducing operating expenses and increasing new and existing revenue.

We customize pharmacy management systems for your pharmacy based on evidence and data specific to the focus of your pharmacy and patients. You can collect, track and analyze actionable information on drug and labor costs, and identify opportunities to optimize revenue on new and existing services.

From a technology perspective, we offer a host of solutions to help improve your efficiency and maximize cash flow, including pharmacy management, prior authorization, printing services and credit card processing.

Together, Web2pro and your pharmacy can create a customized pharmacy management system solution that directly addresses performance goals of improving profitability and operational efficiency and growing your pharmacy.

Our alternate site pharmacy experts will help you:

  • Save time and money
  • Analyze and maximize your pharmacy purchasing
  • Get real-time access to pricing and inventory levels
  • Minimize inventory costs
  • Reduce labor and staffing needs
  • Capture reimbursements more effectively
  • Improve your 340B program performance
  • Eliminate upfront capital investment
  • Grow your pharmacy business
  • Sell or purchase a pharmacy business
  • How Allcare Pharmacy Saved $250K

    As your operational demands grow, so do our systems, allowing you to add optional modules and integrated services to further improve business performance. Our Lean Six Sigma team can help you drive down costs, increase efficiency and accuracy, improve inventory management and reduce waste and redundancy.

    Check out this case study to learn how Allcare Pharmacy, a long-term care pharmacy with 10 locations, saved $250K by eliminating the need for capital equipment investment.

    By partnering with Web2pro Alternate Site Pharmacy and adopting Six Sigma processes, Allcare Pharmacy improved manual blister card production by 20%.

  • Web2pro helped us reduce our inventory and related costs by $100,000. Yet, because we get what we need exactly when we need it, resident care never, ever suffers. And the Web2pro team is helping us shift to more generics, which offer savings we can pass on to our customers.

    —Samit Banjeree, PharmD and CEO | Senior Care Pharmacy Services