Discover the power of PATH Pro, web2pro's new Post-Acute Therapeutics Formulary Management Program. Based on the expertise of Creighton University's , PATH Pro helps long-term care pharmacies reduce inventory costs, standardize care processes, and build stronger, differentiated partnerships with skilled nursing facilities.

PATH Pro benefits

For the pharmacy:

  • Easy access to preferred and non-preferred lists that feature the most commonly used generics for geriatric patients.
  • Develop more effective formulary and therapeutic interchange programs using Creighton's clinical research and expertise, focused on the geriatric population.
  • Streamline dispensing and purchasing processes. Reduce your prescription drug inventory costs, and standardize medications across the facilities you serve.
  • Differentiate your pharmacy to win and retain long-term care business.

For the skilled nursing facility:

  • Improve clinical outcomes, and minimize readmissions, by reducing drug-related complications for geriatric patients. 
  • Comply with  and help avoid costly penalties.
  • Minimize financial burden associated with dispensing drugs that are not covered by insurance or government-funded programs, such as Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.
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