Pharmacy automation systems that are personalized for each business

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High Volume Solutions provides fully integrated, customized and flexible pharmacy automation systems that can improve your operational efficiency and enable you to provide a higher level of patient care. We take time to understand your business so that we can design a system that addresses your unique patient care objectives, supports your business goals and scales your organization for future growth.

Whether you manage a small independent pharmacy chain or health system seeking to invest in an affordable solution such as Central Fill as a Service or ExpressRx Track, or a large, multi-store pharmacy chain that seeks to implement a customized pharmacy automation solution such as a high-volume central fill prescription processing facility, HVS can design an automated solution to suit your needs.

Our pioneering team of industry experts works with you to define your specific expectations for a pharmacy automation solution and then develops a system customized for the unique needs of your business. Importantly, our relationship with you does not end with the implementation of the system. We continue to consult with you post launch and provide ongoing technical support to ensure that your system remains optimized for ever-evolving business needs and market conditions.

Customized automation solutions designed for your pharmacy's unique needs

  • We understand the pharmacy business and will work with you to design an automated system that fits your business objectives
  • We partner with the most reliable equipment manufacturers with proven track records to develop a fully integrated solution
  • We work with web2pro Pharmaceutical – one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in the U.S. – to distribute a high volume of prescription medications safely and efficiently

Pharmacy automation that provides reliable performance and efficient operations

  • web2pro High Volume Solutions was the first pharmacy automation specialist in the market
  • We have the longest track record of supporting pharmacy automation solutions and a record 99.98 percent uptime
  • We have the expertise to build a customized automation system that can help you improve patient outcomes, increase service levels, minimize costs and boost revenue

Investment in pharmacy automation technology that pays for itself

  • Our high-volume pharmacy automation systems save you labor costs, improve quality and reduce inventory in your pharmacies
  • Through reliable automation solutions customized for your operations, we can work with you to improve accuracy, capacity, efficiency and quality
  • Operational savings add up and in as little as six months, so that your system can pay for itself