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Your Pharmacy Online: Customer Website and Mobile App

Expand your pharmacy’s online prescription refill capabilities and community marketing efforts with Web2pro’s digital tools.


Simplify your pharmacy's marketing efforts and simplify the refill process for your customers. Available to independent pharmacies, Your Pharmacy Online offers easy-to-use online and mobile prescription refill tools for customers. Plus, Your Pharmacy Online helps your pharmacy tailor messaging for your community, drive customers to your store and compete with the chains.

A customizable pharmacy app and website that builds strong customer relationships

With Your Pharmacy Online website and the Health Mart mobile app, your pharmacy has cost-effective access to the features and functionality you need to build strong relationships with your customers, such as:

  • Integrated prescription management: Place prescription refills directly into the pharmacy queue, and let your patients manage their own prescription histories
  • Exclusive Health Mart mobile app: Customers can manage prescriptions on-the-go
  • Email and text refill and pill notifications: Alerts keep patients up to date and improve adherence
  • Advanced customization: Your pharmacy can personalize your website and app with photos, quotes, medication safety alerts and promotions
  • Mobile optimization: Your site will look great and function well on smartphones and tablets
  • Social media integration: Post on Facebook, YouTube, and more

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