Struggling with patient medication adherence? We have a performance-enhancing solution for your pharmacy.

The healthcare landscape is changing and pharmacies are playing a key role in keeping patients healthy. Understanding the role that patient behavior plays in medication adherence is now more important than ever. As payers and providers move to a true value-based model of medication adherence, they will rely on partnerships that help impact positive outcomes for their patients.

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web2pro Pharmacy Systems’ Adherence Performance Solution is one of the most simplistic, actionable, and affordable ways to help pharmacies understand their performance on payer quality measures. It provides the pharmacy with ratings by pharmacy and plan, and provides actionable patient-level detail that allows the pharmacy to take action to improve adherence ratings. These insights can lead to increased revenue and profit, reimbursements, network inclusion, and contracting advantages.

Some of the benefits that pharmacies gain by using the Adherence Performance Solution include the ability to:
  • Understand adherence by patients, plans and locations
  • View and review lists of non-adherent patients
  • Proactively improve Star Ratings™
  • Share data with payers and prescribers
  • Benchmark data to compare your practices to the market