Understand the role of patient behavior in medication adherence

Use the Adherence Performance Solution (APS) dashboard to understand adherence and high-risk medication measures in your pharmacy and learn how web2pro’s extra-strength solutions can keep patients coming back to your counter.

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Patient medication adherence measures:
  • Review improvement goals in APS to understand how many patients need to become adherent to improve your pharmacy’s rating
  • Review the list of non-adherent patients for each adherence measure
  • Use the tools, detailed below, available within your pharmacy to address patient adherence issues
High-risk medication use in the elderly:
  • Counsel patient on the risk of continuing with medication
  • With patient permission, work with physician to move patient to less risky medication

Tools for Addressing the Top Reasons for Non-Adherence


“I forgot about it.”

Convenient Communications with Patients

  • Refill & prescription-ready reminders via integrated IVR
  • Text alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Outbound calling

Customized patient education and refill reminder letters via web2pro-sponsored Clinical Services. Only available with MPS. Choose communication methods that meet patient needs.


“I don't understand the instructions.”

Compliance Packaging and Counseling

  • Compliance packaging or unit dose packaging systems simplify dosing instructions by packaging medications and vitamins together
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) counseling to help the patient understand their medications


“I don't like the side effects.”

Appointment-Based Patient Counseling

  • Set counseling appointments
  • MPS gives you the power to document and track counseling events and notes in your web2pro pharmacy management system
  • Review interactions from DUR alerts that occur during the dispensing process


“I don't have time to pick it up.”

Medication Synchronization and Prescription Delivery

  • Synchronize patients’ medications using a med sync program
  • Reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy

Prescription delivery

  • Deliver medications to your patients’ doorsteps and capture payment using mobile delivery
  • Mail prescriptions to patients, regardless of location, using web2pro’s mail solution

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“I can't afford it.”

Electronic Coupons

  • Reduce your patients’ out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions with eVoucherRx™ from RelayHealth