EnterpriseRx Enhanced Refill Processing and Med Sync

web2pro Pharmacy Systems provides the recommended application options configuration to set up a Med Sync program in Enhanced Refill Processing at no additional cost to the customer.

For instructions on how to configure Med Sync in EnterpriseRx, see Enhanced Refill Processing and Medication Synchronization.

Features of Med Sync and Enhanced Refill Processing:

  • No additional cost for Med Sync configuration
  • Real-time checks within pharmacy workflow
  • No third-party vendor interface required
  • Automated refill process and prescription grouping
  • Create reports from Data Warehouse using Reports Director

EnterpriseRx and Vendor-Managed Med Sync Programs

Pharmacies can set up an interface between EnterpriseRx and a web2pro Pharmacy Systems-certified vendor to create a Med Sync program.

Features of Med Sync and third-party vendor programs:

  • Connect to third-party vendor system with one click
  • Eligible patients identified by vendor
  • Automated processing for short fills and refill programs
  • Transfer data between pharmacy system and Med Sync application automatically via nightly data feed
  • Create reports from Data Warehouse using Reports Director

web2pro Pharmacy Systems has certified the following Med Sync vendors for use with EnterpriseRx:

  • (formerly Ateb)