Community pharmacies are looking for every advantage to increase their financial, clinical and workflow performance, while also strengthening relationships with patients. Managing your pharmacy’s third-party prescription claims can be a complex and time-consuming process—one that you can’t afford to ignore, but one that’s on your long list of priorities to help your pharmacy thrive.

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With RelayRx™ Reimbursement Performance, your pharmacy will have access to innovative in-workflow solutions that will help reduce your risk of profit loss, boost your pharmacy’s business performance and contribute to better patient outcomes.

Protect pharmacy margins and optimize reimbursements

RelayRx Reimbursement Performance includes an extensive library of high value pre and post claims edits, providing actionable messaging at the point of dispensing to help you address key business issues such as unnecessary Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) losses, potential Direct and Indirect Renumeration (DIR) clawbacks or payments and declining third-party claims reimbursements.

Improve pharmacy operational efficiency

Our program is designed to help keep your pharmacy running smoothly, with as little interruption and hassle as possible. Your pharmacists can spend less time on prior authorization paperwork with an automated prior authorization resubmission process.

Drive better patient outcomes

We all know that better outcomes for our patients are important. We can help to improve patients' medication adherence to their prescribed therapies with prescription co-pay savings programs. Our program also includes a number of solutions that help ensure medication safety and education such as medication dispensing safety messages, manufacturer medication safety messages such as drug recalls, as well as REMS programs to help ensure your pharmacy can dispense select medications.

Partner with RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions and enjoy accessibility to the nation’s most reliable pharmacy connectivity network. We've got you covered, so you can spend more time on what you're most passionate about - your patients.