Medication Adherence and Clinical Performance for Pharmacies

Medication non-adherence poses a very real risk for your patients and your business. With an estimated 50-75 percent of patients not taking their prescribed medications appropriately and payers' increased focus on outcomes, you have an opportunity to improve the health of your customers and your bottom line. 
Our medication adherence and clinical performance technology solutions enable your pharmacy to collect, monitor and analyze data on patient and customer medication histories and adherence behaviors. They connect you with other prescribers and dispensers in your market to give you a complete, real-time view of each patient's medication needs. We present this information to you on a customizable dashboard on your pharmacy management system so you can take immediate action to overcome any adherence barrier. Complementing our tech solutions are high-touch services such as behavioral coaching, patient education, refill reminder, medication reconciliation, medication synchronization, medication therapy management, financial assistance, flexible co-pays, customer loyalty programs and more. 
Leverage our tools and expertise to take a more proactive role in maximizing your patients' clinical outcomes to create better health for them and your pharmacy business.