It can be frustrating to both the pharmacist and a patient when a prior authorization is required for a patient's prescription to be filled, as this requirement may slow down the pharmacist's workflow and potentially lead to prescription abandonment.

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Now with RelayRx™ Continuity of Care, pharmacists can dispense the prescribed medication immediately without additional actions to process the prior authorization. With no delay in therapy due to waiting for the manual prior authorization process, this contributes to increased efficiency for your pharmacists.

Increase pharmacist productivity with no interruptions to coordinated care

For qualified prescriptions, RelayRx Continuity of Care converts a rejected claim to a paid claim while automatically submitting a prior authorization request to the prescriber in real-time. The pharmacists are able to dispense the prescription drug while the prior authorization is being reviewed by the prescriber and third party. This means that your patients can gain access to their prescribed therapy right away.

RelayRx Continuity of Care can help:
  • Improve pharmacist productivity
  • Provide an immediate “no touch” method to initiate the prior authorization review process
  • Improve patient satisfaction and medication adherence for healthier outcomes