In today’s cost-conscious times, patients often cut expenses by abandoning their prescriptions—especially higher-cost medications. For pharmacies, the result may mean lost revenue as well as reduced adherence.

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eVoucherRx™ from RelayHealth automatically applies electronic savings when qualified prescriptions reach your pharmacy. By reducing patients' out-of-pocket prescription costs, eVoucherRx helps reduce the cost barrier to medication compliance and promotes increased medication adherence.

Improve operational efficiency, adherence and customer loyalty

Your pharmacists and technicians do not need to submit an additional Coordination of Benefits claim with eVoucherRx. The program evaluates each prescription as it gets submitted via the pharmacy system, automatically applying the co-pay savings to qualified claims. This saves time and reduces workflow interruptions, so you can focus on patient care.

Improve your pharmacy’s operations

  • Reduce pharmacist workflow interruptions for improved efficiency.
  • Reduce prescription abandonment.
  • Improve patient medication compliance and satisfaction.

eVoucherRx for pharmacies features include:

  • Automatic application of co-pay savings to a patient’s prescription
  • Real-time evaluation at the point of dispensing