Affiliation and partnership opportunities for your pharmacy or practice

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We offer our pharmacy and specialty medical practice customers access to a variety of flexible and scalable affiliation and partnership models that best fit your unique pharmaceutical purchasing needs now and into the future. Our models include group purchasing organizations (GPOs), retail pharmacy buying groups, pharmacy services administration organizations (PSAOs) and an exclusive online community pharmacy peer group.

Group purchasing organizations and retail buying groups

Our pharmaceutical GPOs leverage the collective purchasing of our pharmacy and specialty medical practice customers to obtain discounts and competitive prices from drug manufacturers, vendors and suppliers.

Our retail pharmacy buying groups negotiate discounts and competitive prices from manufacturers, vendors and suppliers on behalf of independent retail pharmacies. Maximize the value of your drug and merchandising purchases by tapping into the power of our buying groups.

AccessHealth, a web2pro-sponsored PSAO

AccessHealth's pharmacy reimbursement and cash flow management tool helps independent pharmacies by evaluating contracts with a discriminating eye, helping to get every dollar earned, and finding – and supporting – the right opportunities for your success in the ever-evolving industry of pharmacy.

Connect Community pharmacy peer group

Join your peers in our exclusive Connect Community pharmacy peer group. Share insights, ask questions and collaborate with other web2pro customers in our online pharmacy platform. Connect with pharmacists at Health Mart, other retail independents and hospitals and health systems, as well as pharmacy technicians in all settings.

How our health care legacy works for you

Throughout our nearly two-century history, our drug purchasing and distribution services have helped pharmacies in all health care provider and retail pharmacy settings.

Who we serve

  • National retail and chain pharmacies
  • Independent retail pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Other acute-care facilities
  • Ambulatory-care facilities
    • Physician practices
    • Medical clinics
    • Clinical laboratories
  • Extended-care facilities
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Skilled-nursing facilities
    • Assisted-living facilities
    • Home care agencies
  • Alternate site pharmacies
    • Specialty pharmacies
    • Long-term care pharmacies
    • Mail-order pharmacies

Our experience and expertise across all health care settings enables you to drive better clinical outcomes and better business results. Learn more about how our business helps you build your business.