Wholesale Brand Name Drugs

Reduce drug spend and improve profitability with access to a wide selection of discounted brand name drugs for all retail, specialty and institutional pharmacies.

Discount brand name drugs available for all pharmacies

Purchasing bulk repackaged brand name drugs at competitive prices drives your pharmacy’s profitability by holding down costs. With RxPak, your pharmacy has access to a wide selection of competitively priced brand name drugs that have been repackaged accurately, safely and securely in compliance with all FDA guidelines.

We offer repackaged brand name drugs to:

  • Independent retail pharmacies
  • National and regional pharmacy chains
  • Alternate site pharmacies
  • Hospital and health system pharmacies
  • Mail-order pharmacies
  • Specialty pharmacies

Our distribution services ensure on-time delivery of repackaged pharmaceutical products, helping you improve your operational efficiency and clinical performance.

Drugs maintain the drug manufacturer’s National Drug Code, or NDC, labeling on each repackaged dose. Each bottle has our own unique Economost order and distribution label, driving efficient purchasing, tracking and inventory management.

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