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Central Fill as a Service: Centralized Prescription Dispensing System

Enjoy the advantages of the traditional central fill pharmacy model with minimal upfront investment and inventory carrying costs.

  • The Power of Web2pro Combined

    • Central Fill – Our solution can help improve patient outcomes, increase service levels, minimize costs and keep revenue flowing
    • Workflow – We understand the business of pharmacy and our pharmacy management and clinical program solutions are built to work around you
    • Distribution – We help to ensure that you have access to the right medications at the right time and right place while maintaining a 99.98% order accuracy rating
    • – Our powerful 340B Gateway engine helps streamline 340B ordering and inventory flow

The benefits of an automated prescription fulfillment facility with little to no upfront cost


The traditional centralized pharmacy automation model requires a significant upfront capital investment. Central Fill as a Service (CFaaS), from Web2pro High Volume Solutions, is an affordable alternative to a high-volume, automated prescription fulfillment facility.

With Central Fill as a Service, qualifying pharmacies benefit from Web2pro owning and operating the centralized pharmacy automation facility. With the help of our team of industry experts, you can develop a high-volume pharmacy automation solution that addresses the specific requirements of your business.

Reduce upfront investment and drug inventory carrying costs

  • Enjoy the benefits of central fill without a significant capital investment.
  • Eliminate drug inventory carrying costs.
  • Pay only a per-script fee (targeted to be lower than your current cost to fill) and supply the pharmacist. Web2pro takes care of the rest.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Decrease your system-wide labor cost per prescription with automated prescription fulfillment.
  • Reduce on-site inventory with Web2pro storing inventory at central fill facility.
  • Reduce overall dispense costs by relying on centralized prescription dispensing and fulfillment.

Focus your pharmacy's efforts on patient care and safety

Identify and pursue new revenue opportunities for your pharmacy

  • Receive and dispense 340B inventory by connecting to our (patent pending).
  • Capture prescription-dispensing opportunities for patients discharged from the hospital.
  • Create patient medication adherence programs that support specialty medication dispensing, mail order, and long-term care (LTC) opportunities.

Flow chart of the Central Fill as a Service process


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