Mobile Prescription Delivery Technology for Pharmacies

Offer a better customer experience and enhance your pharmacy’s services with our hosted prescription delivery tracking system.

A mobile prescription delivery platform that makes tracking easy and improves medication adherence


Successful patient medication adherence often hinges on access and convenience. That’s why, through its partnership with leading mobile technology provider , Web2pro Pharmacy Systems offers a solution to help your pharmacy provide a greater level of convenience.

The RxTrax mobile application tracks information on all of your pharmacy’s pharmaceutical deliveries, including:

  • Patient signatures
  • Payment details
  • Delivery status
  • Driver routes

Combined with our Med Sync solution, RxTrax helps you promote patient medication adherence with features that let you:

  • Reduce the number of abandoned prescriptions.
  • Offer convenient home and bedside medication delivery.
  • Accept prescription medication payment remotely at the point of delivery (separate point of sale device required).
  • Ensure patients receive their prescription drug refills on time.

Integrate our mobile pharmacy solution with your pharmacy management system

Mobile pharmacy delivery is available as an add-on service for EnterpriseRx, PharmacyRx and Pharmaserv Point of Sale (POS). The service can also be fully integrated with EnterpriseRx and Pharmaserv POS for a seamless connection with pharmacy workflow.

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