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Bloomfield Health Mart Pharmacy Finds New Pharmaserv Point of Sale an Efficient, Secure and Reliable System

Pharmaserv POS system helps Jim Koll reduce workflow issues and save time, enabling him to focus on what's important in his pharmacy—his customers.


  • Bloomfield Drug Health Mart Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Seven stores in metropolitan Pittsburgh area

Solution Spotlight

  • Pharmaserv
  • Pharmaserv Point of Sale module – GA in Pharmaserv v7.4.0 (July 2016)

Critical Issues

  • Need to spend more time counseling patients
  • Increase patient safety
  • Enhance security of credit and debit card transactions
  • Improve efficiency of pharmacy operations
  • Increase profits and remain competitive with large chains

An Improved Experience

  • Safety of customers improved
  • Integrated EMV chip compliance in place
  • Card transactions protected and compliant with latest PA-DSS security standards
  • Prescriptions filled in automated, efficient manner
  • Pharmacy operations stay organized and structured
  • Extensive reporting available, including daily sales by site, department, class and item

Significant challenges face independent pharmacies today. Constant change means providing security at the point of sale, finding ways to counsel patients more effectively in the pharmacy, and remaining competitive in the market. Additionally, managing a business to control merchandise movement, pricing, inventory, and accounts receivable effectively are continuous demands.

The Pharmaserv POS system with Cayan Genius™ payment solution was developed to respond to the need for enhanced security with debit and credit card transactions and to provide a faster, more reliable point of sale experience.

Jim Koll is the owner and principal pharmacist at the Bloomfield Health Mart Pharmacy in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh. In two years, he and his partners quickly grew and now own seven stores, all loyal Web2pro customers. To keep his pharmacy workflow running efficiently, Jim uses Pharmaserv, a Web2pro pharmacy management system, to run his business, despite having used other pharmacy management systems in the past. Jim recounts a few main goals for his stores below, and shares how the Pharmaserv POS system helps him reduce workflow issues and save time, enabling him to focus on what's important in his pharmacy—his customers.


When asked about how Pharmaserv POS with Cayan Genius solution is working, Jim replied, “We were very happy to get rid of our old Signature Pad. The new system has been tremendous. I have not called support once since I installed it. Set up was simple and I love the Signature Pad. It's large and sharp; the chip technology is very fast. And, the new website portal for the payment processing is very user friendly.”

Because many of his employees were accustomed to performing specific tasks in certain ways, easy installation was a key requirement for Jim. Other factors that made the choice easy include ease of use and a quick learning curve. One of the best features, Jim says, “is that it is much more intuitive than the old signature pad.” In addition to being easy to use, Jim attests, “There are a tremendous amount of improved security measures with the new system, which is extremely important, for both the customer and my business. All types of charges are now processed very smoothly.”

In addition to being pleased with the increased speed at the cash register, Jim likes the ability to use various types of payment methods. “Our customers see that, and they are amazed. Just amazed. Customers love it!” Jim reports. Creating a positive store experience and keeping his customers happy have contributed to Jim's growth. And, it is for these reasons that Jim chooses Web2pro Pharmacy Systems to support him.

Reliability and Functionality

Having a reliable, dependable point of sale system and payment processing solution allows for more focus on customers and business management instead of troubleshooting software or hardware problems. Jim states, “In the pharmacy setting, you cannot afford to have your point of sale system freeze, or become inaccessible. Those disruptions can ruin your whole day. We have not had to reboot our system or call support once since installation.”

Using Pharmaserv POS with Cayan Genius Solution system, Jim has more time to spend on other important tasks—which benefits the overall level of service at his stores. Jim lauds the variety of features and functionality of Cayan Genius Payment Solution, with the value added to the whole Pharmaserv product family, stating that he has not tapped into the full potential of the system just yet. “I've really only scratched the surface in terms of what the system can do. I look forward to learning more about it and using it in new ways.”


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