Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and technology solutions for health care providers

Better decisions, better health.

Our health care solutions help providers of all sizes use medical data more effectively, improve reimbursements and deliver better care.

  • Distribution

    Pharmaceutical Ordering Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Ordering and Packaging

    With our extensive pharmaceutical ordering, packaging and distribution network, you can deliver medications in the optimal format for your clinical and patient needs.

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    Supplies Equipment Merchandise

    Medical Supplies and Equipment

    With our online ordering system, our comprehensive portfolio of medical supplies and equipment is available at the push of a button to meet your patients' needs.

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  • Technology Services

    Growth and Expansion

    Our interoperable and data-driven business, IT, and pharmacy operations solutions help your organization grow while increasing revenue and lowering cost.

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    Operational Efficiency

    Our pharmacy, supply chain and business management solutions help you efficiently deliver value-based and high quality care to your patients.

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    Patient and Clinical Care

    Access the full range of financial, administrative and clinical tools you need to provide the best possible care to your patients.

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    Regulatory and Risk Management

    Simplify your regulatory and risk management workload by utilizing our unique combination of digital solutions and hands-on expertise.

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    Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management

    Our solutions help you improve your reimbursement and revenue cycle management process, freeing up time and energy to focus on patient care.

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  • Hear From Our Community-Based Specialty Customers

    In a changing healthcare landscape, maintaining or increasing revenue while providing high-quality care can be a challenge. Innovative Practice Services is here to help.

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