The Pathways Healthcare Scheduling™ system is an access management and surgery scheduling solution designed to optimize resource utilization, help improve operating room throughput, optimize capacity management, support patient safety initiatives, and help increase staff and physician satisfaction. Pathways Healthcare Scheduling is the foundation to support revenue cycle and clinical care processes across the enterprise.

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Pathways Healthcare Scheduling supports enterprise-wide and departmental performance improvement by offering:

  • Enterprise Scheduling: Pathways Healthcare Scheduling helps you connect procedure scheduling and operating suite activity to areas of your organization that have an impact on efficiency and finances, like supply management and patient accounting.
  • Surgery Scheduling: The application helps you optimize operating room capacity management and throughput, control resource utilization, lower supply costs, and maximize revenue - all of which optimizes clinical and financial performance.
  • Helps improve your processes
  • Optimizes your resources
  • Helps reduce denials
  • Presents a visual appointment book for a graphical, easy-to-review display of scheduled and overlapped appointments and resources, improving access management
  • Automates the process of surgical scheduling and sequencing multiple events for a particular patient within a single- or multiple-site facility
  • Searches for conflict-free options on all resources required for an appointment
  • Allows scheduling of multiple procedures or appointments at one time and automates the scheduling of repeated events