Biometric Patient Identification System

The first line in patient care is correctly identifying a patient and matching him or her to the right medical record. Accurate patient identification, however, is a challenge for care providers, with problems ranging from simple human error to medical identity theft.

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Designed to help safeguard patient health and reduce the risk of fraud, PatientSecure™, a biometric patient identification system, links each patient to the right medical record by scanning the veins in the palm with near-infrared light. Palm scanning is a fast, safe, reliable way to help properly identify patients when they enter the care system.

  • Supports efforts for accurate patient identification and retrieval of unique medical records. A very common challenge faced by many health care organizations is having multiple patients with the same first and last name. The unique patient identifier PatientSecure helps prevent any misidentification.
  • Helps Protect patients by helping prevent medical identity theft; protects providers by helping prevent fraud from insurance card sharing. One-third of health care organizations have reported catching a patient using the identity of someone else to obtain services.¹ PatientSecure helps ensure that the patient is accurately identified because vein patterns are unique.
  • Helps reduce duplicate and overlaid medical records. Duplicate medical records in hospitals can result in continuity of care issues, potential delays in treatment and/or medical errors. PatientSecure links each patient with the correct medical record, reducing the chances of duplication.
  • Facilitates faster registration. Many organizations ask patients to fill out multiple forms or to reveal their social security number. By leveraging PatientSecure, your organization is enabled to validate each patient's identity and protect their privacy more quickly and efficiently.

PatientSecure™ is a trademark of HT Systems.
¹PricewaterhouseCoopers, "Old Data Learns New Tricks"

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