Designed by anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists, web2pro Anesthesia Care™ is an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) that streamlines anesthesia preoperative and intraoperative workflow.

This anesthesia information management system supports fast, accurate clinical documentation and helps to reduce the risk of medication errors.

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The result is a complete, legally sound electronic medical record which allows clinicians to share patient history and current condition as the phases of care progress.

Customize Your Anesthesia EMR

  • Web-based pre-anesthesia evaluations assist with patient history documentation
  • Medication alerts promote timely drug delivery
  • Formulary reference for allergies and medication increases patient safety
  • Cross-checking for adverse events reduces medication errors by notifying clinicians of potential contraindications
  • Templates for common procedures help speed the clinical documentation process
  • Automated capture of physiological data adds accuracy to the anesthesia EMR

Maximize Revenue with Anesthesia Billing

  • Anesthesia documentation and reporting for quality review and best practice management
  • Anesthesia Professional Coding module improves professional fee capture and speeds anesthesia billing process