Integrated Fiscal Management Solutions that Help Optimize Your Organization

web2pro Fiscal Management™ is an easy-to-use accounts payable, general ledger, project management and fixed asset solution that streamlines and automates labor-intensive health care financial management functions throughout your hospital and across your integrated delivery network (IDN). It helps to increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, reduce labor cost and find cost savings throughout your enterprise.

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When implemented as part of the integrated web2pro ERP Solutions™, you'll gain added efficiencies and cost savings, to help optimize your business operations. For example, integration with web2pro Supply Chain Management™ means your team can easily drill back between financials and materials and gain instant access to detailed payment information-to increase productivity and enhance decision-making.

Together with the web2pro Supply Chain Management, web2pro Fiscal Management has been the most highly rated Financial/ERP system in the annual report published by KLAS Enterprises for eight consecutive years.*


  • Increased efficiencies, improved accuracy and reduced labor costs
  • Proactive decision-making to prevent shortfalls and missed margins
  • Improved information flow through multi-entity processing and a faster closing process
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance and security
  • No duplicate data entry
  • Educated decisions on where capital assets should be placed
  • Enhanced project management and analysis to control costs


  • Access accurate, timely data and reporting
  • Leverage powerful analytics tools - not just workflow and recordkeeping tools
  • Manage entire fixed asset lifecycles, including acquisitions, transfers and disposal
  • Track up-to-date project encumbrance information to control purchases being applied
  • Meet growing need for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments

Comprehensive, Integrated Health Care Financial Management Solutions

  • web2pro Fiscal Management™ Accounts Payable (PDF, 187 KB): Provides cash and vendor management, multi-entity processing, invoicing, bank reconciliation and positive payment processing via electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • web2pro Fiscal Management™ General Ledger (PDF, 186 KB): Offers journal processing, subsystem integration and multi-entity processing as part of an integrated healthcare financial management solution with accounts payable and materials management.
  • web2pro Fiscal Management™ Fixed Assets (PDF, 186 KB): Manages capital purchases, including tracking fixed asset locations and their components, automates depreciation, and allows collection of fixed assets data.
  • web2pro Fiscal Management™ Project Accounting (PDF, 186 KB): Tracks funds and projects, and manages project spending, funding requirements and capital assets.
  • web2pro Fiscal Management™ Analytics (PDF, 187 KB): Make sound business decisions using an expanded view of your financial and operational data.
  • web2pro ERP Solutions™ Self Service (PDF, 186 KB): This module helps department management quickly improve business performance through the real-time organization of data via a self-service, accessible view of the supply chain, from requisition through financial booking.

*Source: 2002-2010 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software and Professional Services report. © 2010 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. . All rights reserved. KLAS Enterprises, LLC is a healthcare industry group that compiles customer feedback to determine the industry's best systems and vendors.