Unlike any other health care software vendor, web2pro provides you with a complete surgical information system that helps you support patient safety initiatives in the operating room. From access management and surgery scheduling, supply management and case costing, perioperative and anesthesia management to clinical integration, web2pro Surgical Manager™ (formerly Horizon Surgical Manager) surgical information system solution can help you build a strong, efficient foundation to enhance your patient and financial outcomes.

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web2pro's integrated surgery information system solution gives you the ability to bridge your operating room to your enterprise scheduling, surgical services, supply chain, ERP/back-office, performance management systems and clinical documentation system. Additionally, we provide implementation and training, system optimization and health care consulting services to promote optimal ROI from your investment in web2pro. Our surgical information systems empower you to help effectively manage your operating room (OR) business, support your patient safety initiatives and increase your financial outcomes.

web2pro Surgical Manager™ provides you with the essential tools and technology to enable better and more efficient care, helping you to:
  • Improve operating room capacity, throughput and efficiency
  • Automate clinical documentation and workflow processes
  • Decrease supply and medication expenses
  • Standardize equipment utilization
  • Improve communication between areas of care in the OR
  • Monitor, analyze and measure operating room performance
web2pro Surgical Manager add-on product modules:

By using web2pro's integrated surgery, clinical, financial, materials management, patient management applications and integration with your clinical documentation system you can help leverage resources, lower costs, and improve decision-making by connecting all parts of the organization responsible for financial management and clinical outcomes.

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