web2pro Tray and Instrument Manager guides the sterile processing department technicians through each step in the workflow process and automatically documents all related activity. Hospitals are able to improve  operating room management by reducing operational costs and eliminate surgery delays in the operating room.

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Sterilization of Surgical Trays & Instruments

Using barcode technology, surgical trays and instruments are scanned, which automatically updates the location and status of each tray.

After surgery, web2pro Tray and Instrument Manager guides technicians to decontaminate surgical trays and surgical instruments and load the wash cycle. Management defined prompts, pictures and videos are then accessed to guide technicians to prepare and pack trays accurately and efficiently. Trays are then properly sterilized, stocked to their designated locations and issued to a case cart for a specific surgery.


Customers using web2pro Tray and Instrument Manager have experienced the following results:

  • Reduced or eliminated surgery delays in the operating room by packing the correct instruments into the correct trays
  • Reduced costs in the sterile processing department by eliminating unnecessary inventory purchases
  • Improved surgical tray and surgical instrument tracking via real-time location tracking capabilities
  • Dramatically improved staff productivity
  • Expedited restocking process using barcode technology
  • Improved infection control


web2pro Tray and Instrument Manager utilizes barcode technology, wireless scanners and touch screen monitors to automate the operating room instrument management and documentation process. This enables staff to quickly and accurately pack surgical trays and instruments. If necessary, individual instrument tracking capabilities enable surgical instruments to be managed and tracked.

web2pro Tray and Instrument Manager also:
  • Helps provided detailed user productivity reports which help management identify staff in need of further training
  • Helps generate detailed tray and instrument utilization reports
  • May provide alerts and pop-up instructions to guide users