Elevate the Role of Your IT Department

Community IT Outsourcing provides a comprehensive IT management solution designed to help you achieve better execution, reliability, and predictability within your IT operations. With our experienced, customer-focused team, you can meet fast-paced, evolving IT and compliance demands to help transform your IT department from a run and maintain cost center to a strategic business enabler.

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Your hospital can access a team of IT specialists including site management services, customer service management, technology services and application support services. Community IT Outsourcing provides you with an affordable way to help improve IT operations while aligning your IT and strategic business goals.

Community IT Outsourcing includes:

  • Customer-focused management of IT operations
  • Assistance with IT strategy, planning and budgeting
  • Industry-leading support from web2pro IT specialists
  • Readily-available, consistent issue resolution
  • Affordable, competitive pricing

Community IT Outsourcing can help your hospital:

  • Upgrade IT operations from reactive to proactive with a strategic focus
  • Deliver reliable, effective IT services 24/7/365
  • Improve end user satisfaction and productivity
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Predictably manage IT budgets
  • Standardize and optimize processes

The web2pro Advantage

web2pro provides comprehensive IT Outsourcing services that are backed by more than 30 years of expertise in the healthcare sector. From technical expertise to real-world affordability, Community IT Outsourcing brings your hospital the powerful, reliable systems, support and services on which today’s technology-driven IT environments and clinicians depend.