Home Care Software for Clinical and Agency Management Improves Agency Efficiency, Care Delivery

With the increased emphasis on successful outcomes and new care models such as ACOs and patient-centered medical homes, it's not enough to merely have an agency management home care software solution. You need powerful software that's intelligent, collaborative and efficient to help both field staff and administrative staff maximize their time and focus on improving agency operations and care delivery.

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The web2pro Homecare™ suite of home care software applications empowers users to integrate and share clinical, financial and administrative data across widely dispersed geographic regions and settings of care. Our system provides the tools an agency needs to help your clinical and administrative staff complete home care documentation and get the information they need quickly and easily. By measuring progress toward completion and automating communication to process stakeholders, web2pro Homecare strengthens teamwork and improves patient outcomes.

web2pro Homecare is:
  • Intelligent, incorporating best practices that simulate a clinician's thought processes while improving documentation accuracy.
  • Collaborative, supporting multi-disciplinary care and reporting capabilities agencies need to participate in care alliances and partnerships.
  • Efficient, speeding documentation and revenue cycle by automating documentation, compliance and billing tasks.

With its field-proven functionality, web2pro Homecare, formerly Horizon Homecare™, is the home health software that can increase your agency productivity in every aspect of office and field operations. Our solution helps you improve quality, manage clinical costs, coordinate care, manage resources, optimize revenue cycle management and offer patient education.


  • Improves efficiency by providing role-based documentation
  • Enables consistent home care documentation processes to minimize errors
  • Eliminates duplicate documentation and increases accuracy while improving the quality of patient care
  • Allows more thorough cost analysis and the ability to project costs retrospectively
  • Promotes efficient scheduling processes and supply use
  • Improves communication among the care team members - within and outside the organization


  • Enhances referral analysis by providing new sorting capabilities by providing the ability to sort data by pending reasons and on dates including inquiry and referral dates
  • Patient education materials-available at the touch of a screen and written in plain, non-medical language-that cover a variety of conditions, diseases, treatments, behavioral issues, drug product recommendations and instructions
  • An industry-standard library of more than 90 outcome-driven pathways
  • A library text option that you can use to create a library of standard verbiage to populate verbal orders, physician's orders and interdisciplinary communication
  • The complete First DataBank formulary for drug interactions, education and side-effect information
  • Easy, online access to home care software policy and procedure information, intervention-specific teaching guidelines and the ICD-9/10 databases at the point of care