Patient and Clinical Care for Providers

Delivering high-quality, effective and safe care to your patients is your provider organization's top priority. The growth of value-based reimbursement models also makes it a financial necessity to improve the patient experience at patient access. web2pro's comprehensive suite of patient and clinical care solutions enables your health care provider organization to deliver the optimum level of care at every point along the care continuum for your patients.
Our patient and clinical care solutions cover the full range of medical and health services needed by your patients, from prevention and wellness to chronic-care management to acute medical or surgical interventions to post-acute care. In addition, patient access call centers and online bill estimation and payment solutions for patients increase the quality of data early in the revenue cycle, improving cash flow and the overall patient experience. Evidenced-based and data-driven clinical decision support applications built into our multi-platform and interoperable electronic health record system form the core of our solutions for your provider organization. Our user-friendly applications enhance your ability to perform clinical assessments, share diagnostic laboratory and imaging results, make accurate diagnoses, determine treatment regimens and care plans and track and monitor clinical outcomes. We also offer a full range of engagement tools that connect you to your patients and other providers to promote the continuity and coordination of care, whether it's remote monitoring, telemedicine, direct-to-patient delivery and insurance billing of necessary medical supplies, or secure online portals.
By working with us, your provider organization will have access to the industry's most sophisticated and connected range of financial, clinical, and administrative tools you need to provide the best care to your patients.
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