Patient and Clinical Care for Extended Care

Your extended care organization's top clinical priority is developing and executing effective care plans for patients that allow them to achieve and maintain their highest possible health status level. web2pro's customized patient and clinical care solutions help you design and carry out evidence-based care plans for individual patients.
The collective health status of the patients at your long-term care, skilled-nursing, rehabilitation, sub-acute care, long-term acute care, home care or hospice service or facility varies significantly, and their individual health status can change considerably at any point in time. Our patient and clinical care solutions give you the capability to monitor and assess your patients' health status and adjust their care or treatment plans based on the latest available medical evidence and preferred treatment protocols. We make those capabilities available to your clinicians at the point of care, in any care setting and in real time. Expert clinical resource teams and programs offer treatment guidance to nurses on care regimens and proper product usage. Plus, patients with chronic conditions can speak to specialists about their medical supply options, have the supplies shipped directly to their homes and have their insurance companies billed directly for those supplies.
The clinical success of your extended care organization depends on detecting changes in your patients' health status and making timely medical decisions to keep them as healthy as possible. web2pro's suite of patient and clinical care solutions gives you the tools to make it happen.
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